The Teesside streets locals say are plagued with dog poo

Dog poo has been a problem across Teesside in recent weeks.

Unhappy locals have reported the foul issue to the map-based website and app, created by mySociety, that helps UK people inform their local authority of issues that need attention.

Below are the streets and areas where residents have reported dog poo in recent weeks, all of which were sent to the nearest Council within minutes of the report being made.

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Smiths Dock Park, Normanby

The resident said: “Every poo bin is overflowing.”

This issue was reported on Friday, October 29.

The uploaded image shows the bags of dog muck collecting on the floor under the overflowing bin.

Eric Avenue, Thornaby

The resident said: “Dog fouling outside school” at Harewood Primary School.

This issue was reported on Thursday, October 28.

Imperial Avenue, Thornaby

The unhappy resident reported: “Dog walkers constantly not picking up after their own dogs.”

The issue was reported on Thursday, October 28.

Durham Road, Stockton

The resident posted: “This is a recurring problem.

“There is dog foul along this footpath all the time.”

This issue was reported on Monday, October 18.

The uploaded image shows the dog muck in three separate places on the footpath.

The Rigg, Yarm

The resident said: “Dog mess has been left on this corner.”

The issue was reported on Saturday, October 9.

Wykeham Close, Redcar

The resident said: “Path is full of dog turd, broken glass, and litter.”

This issue was reported on Saturday, September 25.

The uploaded image shows the problem on the public footpath, as well as discarded pizza boxes on the nearby grass verge.

Diamond Road, Middlesbrough

The unhappy resident posted: “Someone has been persistently allowing their dog to poo along this stretch of pavement and not picking it up, despite there being a dog bin right opposite.

“This has been going on for around one month.”

The issue was reported on Wednesday, September 22.

The uploaded image shows a pile of dog muck on the public footpath.

Victoria Embankment, Darlington

The resident said: “People enter on the riverside, take the lead off their dog and let them wander to foul wherever.

“Some people pick up the dog’s mess but if the dog goes down the embankment to the river, they take the attitude of out of sight out of mind.”

This issue was reported on Thursday, September 9.

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