10 of the most dangerous drivers Teesside motorists should be aware of

Dangerous driving is the most serious motoring offence and often results in devastating outcomes for victims.

A number of road menaces have been hauled before Teesside’s courts for their treacherous driving.

And a string of the worst offenders have been jailed for their crimes.

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Their sentences vary from more than two years in prison to suspended sentences and community orders.

In some of the worst cases, a pizza delivery driver ploughed into a pensioner leaving him with “catastrophic” injuries and another danger driver left his victim with a fractured skull.

Here’s 10 dangerous driving cases Teesside Live has recently reported.

Carl Maughan

Carl Maughan
Carl Maughan
(Image: Cleveland Police)

He was speeding, on drugs and driving van with 18 major faults when he ploughed into pensioner.

Pizza delivery driver Carl Maughan was using his Vauxhall Combo van despite the fact that it had failed it’s MOT and wasn’t fit to be on the road when he hit the pensioner, Teesside Crown Court was told.

The pensioner who was crossing the road when he was hit by a van which was doing up to 50mph in a 30mph zone, has been left with ”catastrophic” injuries.

The 79-year-old man was using a pedestrian crossing point on West Road (A174) in Loftus, East Cleveland, when the van hit him- catapulting him onto the bonnet, where he was carried for, ”some distance’ until the van stopped and he was thrown off.

The victim suffered bleeding to the brain and abdomen as well as multiple fractures to his ribs, shoulder and to both legs in the incident on the evening of January 30.

And while he lived an ”independent and active” life before the accident, he is now in a care home and needs assistance just to move.

Maughan, 34, pleaded guilty to causing injury by dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drugs and driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Maughan, of Beechcroft Close in Saltburn, was jailed for 27 months and disqualified from driving for three years.

Jake Douglas

Jake Douglas
Jake Douglas
(Image: Cleveland Police)

Notorious killer Jake Douglas has been handed another prison sentence after driving through Stockton on the wrong side of the road, at high speed.

He realised police had spotted him behind the wheel when he was disqualified from driving, and he took off as fast as he could.

Douglas was also seen mounting a pavement in his vehicle on the afternoon of May 6, causing, ”pedestrians to scatter” in fear.

Douglas, 23, of David Road in Stockton, eventually hit a lamp post at a pedestrian crossing and was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Teesside Crown Court heard that he was on licence from his last dangerous driving offence when he got behind the wheel in Stockton in May.

Douglas pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified; driving with no insurance and dangerous driving.

Jake Douglas was a teenager when he and six others were locked up for a total of more than 50 years in June 2016 for the killing of Shane Tunney, which caused revulsion across Teesside.

Douglas was sentenced to 12 months in prison and disqualified him from driving for 30 months.

Joshua Norman

Joshua Norman (inset) left a trail of destruction after crashing a stolen Audi into three parked cars
Joshua Norman (inset) left a trail of destruction after crashing a stolen Audi into three parked cars

A ‘prolific’ Darlington thief crashed a stolen Audi into parked cars and garden wall leaving trail of destruction.

Joshua Norman stole the vehicle during the early hours of the morning.

But ten minutes later, the 27-year-old crashed into three parked cars on Greenbank Road and a garden wall before running off.

A police investigation was launched and Norman was arrested and charged with aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

Norman, of Brunel Way, admitted the offences at Peterlee Magistrates’ Court where he was jailed for a year.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years.

Kieron Morrison

Kieron Morrison
Kieron Morrison
(Image: Teessidelive)

A Darlington teenager who took his mum’s Nissan Juke after arguing with her, drove straight through a red light and crashed into a Fiat 500 moments later.

Kieron Morrison, 19, of Moulton Way in Darlington, has no driving licence- but stole his mum’s car keys and drove off in her car, which was parked on the road outside her house, shortly after 8pm on March 31.

He got out of his car and shouted, ”mate my light was on green” at the fiat driver, before reversing and driving off at speed.

He was later seen banging on the door and window’s of a friend’s house, asking to be let in, as he attempted to hide from police.

Morrison was handed a six month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and 150 hours of unpaid work with a 30-day rehabilitation requirement.

Brandon Murray

Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray
(Image: Teesside Live)

A teenage road menace embarked on a dangerous high-speed police chase before crashing into a hedgerow – sending his Audi flying.

In what was branded “prolonged bad driving”, Billingham’s Brandon Murray mounted kerbs and even drove across a playing field during the late-night chase.

Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard the 19-year-old struck cones as he desperately tried to evade capture, “narrowly missing” parked cars on the streets of his home town.

Blue lights and sirens filled the air after police officers spotted Murray driving dangerously along Wolvison Road at around 11.24pm on July 19.

Earlier this month, the Delaval Road defendant admitted dangerous driving, as well as failing to provide a specimen.

He will now be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court on November 29.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith
Richard Smith
(Image: North Yorkshire Police)

A police officer was dragged along the road by a fleeing drink-driver’s car during a high-speed chase, a court heard.

Richard Smith had been out for afternoon drinks in Scarborough town centre and then got behind the wheel of his Ford Focus.

An officer spotted him and a “group of males, clearly in drink”, who then got into Smith’s Ford Focus

The officer radioed through to his colleagues who stopped the Focus in the Westwood area of the town.

An officer went up to the window and told the Redcar man to turn his engine off, but he said, “no”, and began reversing as the officer tried to reach in to grab the car keys.

But it was a keyless ignition and the 32-year-old, who was swearing at the officer, turned the steering wheel and began accelerating “hard”.

The driver’s door struck the officer on the thigh. For a brief moment, he was “pushed along” by the car before “bouncing off” as Smith sped away, shouting as he did so. The officer was not injured.

Smith sped off along the Scarborough seafront, then down a no-entry road and one-way street as his passenger was “screaming for him to stop”.

Smith, of Mapleton Crescent, underwent a drink-drive test following his arrest which showed he’d been more than twice the legal drink drive limit at the time of the incident.

Smith was jailed for 10 months and given a 25-month driving ban.

Mariusz Babut

Mariusz Babut
Mariusz Babut
(Image: Durham Constabulary)

A man with £80k of vacuum-packed cannabis in car led police on 130mph chase from Darlington to Stockton.

Mariusz Babut reached speeds of up to 80mph in a 30mph zone as he attempted to escape police in his VW Passat.

He has now been jailed for almost three years after he crashed into two cars – bringing the pursuit to an end – and officers found 8kg of vacuum-packed cannabis in the boot of his car, estimated to be worth £80,000.

The 44-year-old first caught the attention of Durham Constabulary by potentially driving with false plates and officers intercepted the vehicle on the A1(M) near Darlington but Babut refused to stop.

Instead, he led officers on a high-speed pursuit reaching speeds of up to 130mph on a dual carriageway and driving 50mph over the speed limit in a 30mph zone.

Turning into a residential street in Stockton, Babut struck a VW Beetle and a van before fleeing the scene and attempting to hide in a nearby garden during the incident on February 19.

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Luke O’Neill

Luke Andrew O'Neill was seen pulling wheelies on an orange KTM motorbike in Middlesbrough
Luke Andrew O’Neill was seen pulling wheelies on an orange KTM motorbike in Middlesbrough

27-year-old Luke O’Neill, along with his teenage passenger, sped around the streets of Middlesbrough, zooming past on the wrong side of the road, pulling wheelies and cutting red lights.

The risky driving took place on May 7, 2020, and Cleveland Police welcomed the 27-month sentence issued to Luke for causing injury by dangerous driving.

At one point, the banned and uninsured rider was doing 60 mph in a 30 zone.

He eventually collided with a car on Longlands Road whereupon he and his passenger were thrown from the bike, both sustaining very serious injuries.

The teenage pillion rider was hospitalised for 22 days, where he was placed in a week-long induced coma.

He sustained a fractured skull, had to use a mobility scooter and now suffers from “anxiety and depression”.

The court also heard O’Neill had a previous conviction for dangerous driving, also on a motorbike, dating back to 2010.

In 2017 he had also been banned from driving and remained disqualified as he had not passed a test.

Jack Horn

Jack Horn appeared at Teesside Magistrates' Court
Jack Horn appeared at Teesside Magistrates’ Court
(Image: Teesside Live)

A danger driver has been banned from the roads and must pay over £1,000 compensation to Cleveland Police after a spate of driving offences.

Jack Horn got behind the wheel of a black Vauxhall Corsa but “jumped out” as it “rammed” into a police vehicle during a chase.

Horn, who was a teenager at the time of the offence, drove “dangerously” for a two-mile stretch.

The now 20-year-old failed to stop at the scene, on Prince Regent Street in Stockton, after the smash on June 20.

The Ingleby Barwick man previously admitted dangerous driving and failing to stop when required to do so by a constable in uniform.

He was handed a 12 month community order and ordered to pay £1,200 compensation to Cleveland Police.

Horn, of Hatchlands Park, Ingleby Barwick, must also complete 220 hours of unpaid work.

Charlie Dunn

Charlie Dunn
Charlie Dunn
(Image: Terry Blackburn)

An uninsured danger driver is set to appear in crown court to learn his fate.

Charlie Dunn got behind the wheel of Subaru Forester and drove “dangerously” on the A179 near Hartlepool.

The 24-year-old also had no driving licence or insurance during the car journey on September 30.

The Hartlepool man pleaded guilty to driving dangerously on the A179, near Worset Lane.

He also admitted driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence and using a motor vehicle on a road without third party insurance.

Dunn, of Amberton Road, Hartlepool, will learn his fate on December 14.

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